Jun 8

I have always been a lover of music and especially singing.  At a certain point in my life my interests and focus moved in the realms of yoga which then became my spiritual path.   

During a trip to India through a series of synchronic events I was most fortunate to have ended up in an ashram.  It was there that I first discovered the joys of chanting.  I didn’t realize it back then but this was later to have a huge impact upon my life and spiritual path.

The use of sound through chanting is a universal phenomenon adopted by traditions all over the planet.  There is something inherently powerful and transformative in the use of sound and the voice through chanting.

As a dedication to the practice of chanting, this sacred use of sound I have created this website.  Chanting hub is to be a central point for all things chanting and an information resource. Topics will include the many areas of chanting including sacred chants, om chanting, chant music and many more.

I hope you enjoy our mystical journey together into the sublime world of chanting. 

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