Jul 20

The voice has been used as an instrument for health and healing since ancient times.  This often incorporates the various methods and traditions of chanting.

In Asia there is a long history of using the voice and chanting as an instrument for healing and health.  In fact even today the voice is still used within certain traditions for healing in Asia such as the Asian shamanic traditions.  In these Asian shamanic traditions, the power of chant is used by the shaman to coax the evil spirits out of the body in order to restore health. 

Meanwhile the Arabs took a more orthodox approach in employing singers within hospitals to sing for the ill.  These Arabic singers understood the maqamat (the arabic term for scale), and how to use the maqamat to cure and fortify those ill and with bad health.

Within the Indian traditions, mantra chanting is widely used and is an essential tool for healing.  In fact there are particular mantras that are actually prescribed for particular conditions as a form of treatment.  An example of this is the chanting of a particular mantra for curing snake bites.

Today there are still many uses of chanting as a tool for health and healing.  If we view at the voice from even a very simplistic level we can see how the voice in a chanting context can be used as a tool for health healing. 

If we look at the benefits of singing we can see how those benefits also apply in a chanting context.  Singing improves breath control, develops sensitivity of hearing and the vibrations produced resonate the entire physiological organism and energetic systems of the body and singing also produces a sense of well being.

But within a spiritual context of chanting these benefits are just a starting point.  In the context of spiritual practice, chanting can be utilized to restore emotional health by balancing and releasing emotions and the mind can also be bought back into balance.

Also the vibrations that are produced by the voice can be projected to the different areas and energetic systems of the body to receive the vibration and produce healing effects.

All of these transformational processes and beneficial effects of chanting work together to create a powerful tool for restoring health and healing.

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