Aug 31

Did you know that a chanting practice has the potential to create “new grooves” in your mind and brain?

Many of the great ancient yogi’s spoke about the power of chanting to create these “new grooves” in the mind and brain.

But is it really true?  Can we literally change our brains and minds through chanting?

Sounds a little ridiculous right?

Well, actually… perhaps not.

Recently with all the scientific discoveries in the world of neuroplasticity, it has been confirmed that we do indeed have the power to change our brains.  We are not stuck with a finite number of brain cells as originally once thought and taught.

No, our brain is an elastic creature.  It can actually create new brain cells, new connections and create new neural patterns.

This is now scientific fact.  Our brain is elastic. 

This has radically changed the world of neuroscience since this discovery and how we now think about our brains.

Yes, indeed we can mould our brains and sculpt them.

How they are moulded, how they are changed, depends upon the activities that we choose to invest our time into.

Further scientific research in the field of meditation has also shown that meditators have a different firing pattern of the brain than non meditators.  The difference in the brains of meditators is that their brains have shown a neural patterning which elicits more of the feel good emotions than those considered the destructive emotions of anger, anxiety, depression etc.

So it has now been proven that meditating does change the neural firing patterns of the brain.  Meditation techniques can change our brain in such a way so that we experience a different set of emotions.

Given this is the case, it doesn’t seem to be such a big stretch to believe that the ancient yogis were correct.  Chanting does indeed have the potential to create those “new grooves” or new firing patterns within your brain.

Which grooves do you choose to experience in your life?  What effects on your emotions has your chanting practice had?

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